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Script Development

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Whenever I drive out on the Acle Straight, I start to think about my feature film – or rather feature script and wonder if I will ever make this movie. On a good day, I know I will. I plan to shoot the train scenes on the line between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. So whenever that single carriage train comes hurtling across the flatlands, I can see the character of Rachel inside, getting ready to take on her sister’s identity.

I re-read the script at the weekend, a whole year since I did updates. There is a little I’d like to feed into the story that I’ve been thinking about of late. Through the talent module, I did with Creative England / Wavelength Films Ltd recently; I met a very experienced Script Editor who has agreed to read my script. So I am getting it finalized before sending it off. Then I hope to send it out to producers and move forward from there.

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