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In Your Shoes

In Your Shoes

I set up Campbell Cloud Films CIC in 2017 with the project In Your Shoes in mind.

We believe that exploring children’s mental health in a creative and supported way can increase confidence, self-esteem, and an understanding of some of the underlying issues.

Young people look to social media and film as a way of both finding out information about difficult issues and as a vehicle for self-expression. Filmmaking provides a unique vehicle for both improving understanding around difficult personal and social issues and providing a platform for young people to have an opinion. The project will raise aspirations for the young people involved and audience members in the region and further afield.

Our approach blends drama and documentary filmmaking techniques to tell authentic stories grounded in the experiences of young peoples’ lives.

The aim is to work with a small group of young people, with support from their host organisation, to write a short film based on their lived experience which will be submitted to youth film festivals both in the UK and Worldwide.

The young participants will work on the film being mentored by professional filmmakers. In this way they will be introduced to filmmaking, learn new skills, and gain routes into employment.

The film will centre on a relevant social theme, for example the pressures of drug and alcohol use, bullying or eating disorders, and the issues surrounding this will be explored through discussion which lead into scriptwriting.

The project and product will address young people’s needs in a variety of ways:

  • Breaking down barriers: to look at complex issues and explore consequences.

  • The process of sharing: through making a film, we will offer new experiences and skills which lead to training and employment opportunities.

  • Arts Award: young people can be offered the opportunity to study for an Arts Award while on the course.

  • Young people as audience members: the films will enable young people to increase their understanding of difficult issues and through engagement around these issues support, guidance and signposting can be offered to help reduce isolation and increase empathy around difficult issues.

  • Evidence for charities and organisations: to measure their social impact to funders, stakeholders and the wider community, through working with the young people from their client base.

In Your Shoes will make a huge difference to participants in the following ways:

  • Learning new skills in filmmaking, writing, editorial skills.

  • Offering inspiration on routes into further training or employment.

  • Increased self-esteem, confidence, and engagement with those around them.

  • Positive sharing of their experiences brings about new friendships and reduces isolation.

  • The opportunity to make a product that is honest and truthful to their experiences.

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