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Campbell Cloud Films is a social enterprise film company that offers opportunities to young people and adults in filmmaking and performance to increase skills, self-esteem, and employability.
Still from Into the Silent Land_adapted into a multiscreen projection_.jpeg

I set up Campbell Cloud Films CIC in 2017 whilst studying at the School of Social Entrepreneurs, East.

I offered opportunities to young people and adults who may have faced barriers to accessing filmmaking.  

I ran film workshops through Norwich Film Workshop, collaborating with the Sir John Hurt Film Trust at Cinema City Norwich. From 2012 to 2020 I was a trustee of Cinema Plus, the educational wing of Cinema City.

I have been focusing on my fine art and film practice recently, but I plan to offer opportunities with Campbell Cloud Films CIC soon.

“The Young Actors Company have worked with Campbell Cloud Films over many years and in several productions. They are able to bring the best out of these “unknown” and often inexperienced youngsters on camera and have always shown exceptional care of their welfare off camera and on set. They are professional in every department.”

Steve Biggs, Director - The Young Actors Company



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