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Black and White

Into a Several World

Project type

Polaroid 600 & multimedia


Oct 2020 to Feb 2021


- Julia Schauerman, electroacoustic composer, based in Sheffield
- Nicola Schauerman, coder, based in Margate

Online collaboration with electroacoustic composer Julia Schauerman, based in Sheffield and coder, Nicola Schauerman, based in Margate and filmmaker, Jean Hogg, based in Norfolk.
During a zoom coffee morning in November, the three of us decided to work together on a project combining our skills in sound, code and photography. Together, through 11 weeks of experimentation, discussion and making, we have created "Into a Several World" a 5-minute, looping animation made with Polaroid 600 Film, handwritten code and composed soundscape.

Inspired by the fundamental states of matter, “Into a Several Worlds” frames nature then releases it: walls seep, foliage crystalizes, water breathes. The land, inhabited by familiar sounds, journeys into new dimensions. For “Into a Several World”, I became fascinated by natural projection. Our worlds have shrunk significantly during the lockdown, so focusing on my immediate surroundings felt both inspiring and meditative at times. I live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, and the trees and the sunshine can frame my days. With the low winter light shining through the bare trees, I captured shadows on the cottage walls. The beauty of the polaroid is that something magical can happen; there is a realness to be captured when air and chemicals combine.

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