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Seeing your work on the big screen

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I had the pleasure of being asked to contribute some of my film work for the Words for Women event that happened at the Forum, Norwich on the 8th March 2013, International Womens’ Day.

It was such a great and inspiring evening and I got to see three of my films projected as five-screen projections. It was an interesting process to go through in creating the work for five -screens and I really could have spent a lot longer thinking about how the narrative could work, but I had a very short turn around so I had to be ruthless.

I choose to project shots from three of my films based on each having predominately female lead characters. Firstly ‘Into the Silent Land’ – this was great because I got to include footage that did not make it into the final edited version of the film. We spent a lot of time and energy on the shoot standing in fields up in Happisburgh, North Norfolk waiting for the sun to fall on the cornfields. So it was great to let these shots have the light of day, so to speak.

My second choice was Diamond Girls a promo I shot a few years back for a feature film idea i was developing. This was more of an urban thriller and so it was great to see Docklands on film in the forum along with the wonderful actresses I worked with.

My final choice was to look again at a film I made for the London 48 Hour Film Competition in 2011. A lot of this film was shot in slow motion and around the theme of memory. The film itself wasn’t that successful (due to us only have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit!) but the footage was great so it was fantastic to see it projected in this way.

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