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A Kiss is just a Kiss

We are thrilled to make the top 25 films out of the 120 entries for Straight 8, 2019. Our movie will premiere in London on the 26th of May, and we can’t wait to see it! The rules of the competition are that you must shoot on one cartridge of Super 8 film. Writer and dancer Georgia Williams approached me to direct after she saw my 16mm short film Into the Silent Land and wanted to collaborate on this project. It was lovely working with such a talented younger writer and performer.

It is always great to work with Cinematographer, Jun Keung Cheung, who I have shot many films with and team up again with Producer, Nick Woolgar and many other Suffolk based filmmakers and actors. We shot the movie in Felixstowe as our Production Designer, Eileen Aldous found us a fabulous location the local sailing club with a dance floor and bedroom within proximity, as we had to move back and forth between locations as we were shooting in sequence. So no second takes or chances! It did feel brutal at times but a great discipline.

Young couple in ‘A Kiss is just a Kiss’

Older couple in ‘A Kiss is just a Kiss’

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