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Back to the lighthouse

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Jean by Happisburgh Lighthouse, 18th July 2020

I wanted to go back to the lighthouse as it is ten years since we shot Into the Silent Land, the 16mm short film which was a huge labour of love and which we toured around festivals in 2011/12.

Since then I have been developing Late Splitters, a feature film about twins, teenage girls and their life living close to the lighthouse.

The development has been long with different producers interested; it has been pitched to panels for funding, at festivals, and at meetings at Cannes and Berlin film festival markets. Everyone says getting your first feature made takes time – they are right! But as my life changes so do my script and my ability to get the film made.

We had planned to start shooting exteriors at Happisburgh July 2020, but with the pandemic,  our pre-production was halted in Feb/March. Now as life moves on, for the lucky ones, I am returning to the script.

Dusk at the lighthouse

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