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Cannes 2014

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I will be leaving for the Cannes film festival in the next day or so with my feature film script for Step Into the Silent Land, a psychological drama about the oneness of twins and what happens after one dies. 

I shot the original short film back in 2012 over a week in July up at Happisburgh Lighthouse on the North Norfolk coast, UK.  It is has been a long and difficult process to develop the short film into a longer feature length film script. In part because I have been so close to the material but I knew there was a great story in the material.

Early in the development myself and Producer Anita Lewton were shortlisted for ifeatures2 and presented the film to a panel of male film professionals from Creative England and BBC films. However it was too early in the films development, an interesting process to go through. One day I hope to pitch to an all female panel!

With a second draft of the script complete we are very keen to start casting as soon as possible and for me it is vital to cast identical twins to play the lead roles. As to ask one person to play both parts would be extremely challenging, especially for a singleton (or non twin) and I never feel this really works. The twins we will cast with bring so much of their own relationship the the characters and that is vital.

So in Cannes we have many meetings set up, thanks for my wonderful producer Anita and I look forward to selling the project I have spent the last two years of my life developing.

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