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Late Splitters – proof of concept

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Recently we shot a couple of scenes or sections of scenes from Late Splitters, a script I have been developing as a writer-director for the past few years. Based on Into the Silent Land, the 16mm short film which we sold at Cannes Film Festival back in 2012.

It is always a fascinating process seeing your words come to life and seeing actors embody the characters you have written. Characters that I have on this occasion spent a very long time with. I had worked with Cara and Mia, the identical twins who play Rachel and Sarah, just once before. We workshopped some scenes from the script, as a route into the audition process, which I really enjoyed. We also worked with the Meisner technique which encourages an actor to put their focus on their partner (fellow actor) to lead to a less self-conscious performance.

The aim of the shoot was to allow me to create a short teaser for funders and also to allow me to work with Cara and Mia to see how that process would work. We shot scenes around the piano and the lighthouse up at Happisburgh, on the North Norfolk coast. It has been fascinating watching the footage and hearing the sound captured. We recorded the workings of the piano, by putting a microphone inside the piano which has created a wonderfully atmospheric sound to play with.

I also want to say a big thank you to fellow scriptwriter Lilie for lending us her beautiful piano (and house) and to the Friends of the Lighthouse and Thomas Love, the farmer who owns the fields around the lighthouse. To our wonderfully dedicated crew and to Cara and Mia and their parents for all your hard work and help in getting the teaser shot in just a day. I will be blogging a little more about Late Splitters as the project develops…

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